'Light' Writing Prompts

Thinking about submitting to the Publishers’ Prize 2018? We can’t wait to read your pieces! Here are some writing prompts for the “LIGHT” side to get you thinking outside of the box and get your creative juices flowing... Is light always illuminating? Shine light on something to see it as it really is. Love. From romantic love to platonic love - new love, old love and unexpected love. Love lost and love rekindled. Photo by Alex Martinez on Unsplash It’s holiday season and Christmas lights are everywhere… A weight has been lifted. Thousands of lights brighten the cityscape at night, evidence of a city still awake. What would make you happier than you’ve ever been? “It’s always darkest before

Interview: Masha Voyles, 2017 Winner

Tell us a little bit about yourself I’m American, originally from New York, but my family moved to Paris when I was ten. When I was sixteen, I decided to go to boarding school in England, and fell in love with British culture. I did my undergraduate degree in English literature at UCL, and am now doing a masters program in eighteenth century literature and the Romantic period at Oxford. What made you want to submit to the Publishers Prize this year? I love to write, and try to grab any opportunity I can to get published. The theme of ‘transformation’ also appealed to me as a good starting point for a story. At bottom, most short stories are transformations of some kind, whether it be a momen

The UCL Publishers’ Prize: A Brief History

Every year, a team of Publishing MA students come together to create the UCL Publishers’ Prize anthology, and the ball is rolling for 2018. The Prize was started in 2014 by a group of ten UCL Publishing MA students, who wanted to create a platform for showcasing the talents of writers who form the student body of UCL, regardless of experience. Originally, this took shape as a collection of short stories written by students. Since then, the Prize has evolved from its limitations, and now includes both flash fiction and poetry too. The UCL Publishers’ Prize is now a collective of creative writing, consisting of a variety of writing forms submitted from all UCL students. To ensure a wide range


Seeking submissions to compete for the annual UCL Publishers’ Prize. We are looking for flash fiction and short stories of up to 3,000 words, and poetry of up to 40 lines. This year’s theme is light and dark. All current UCL students and 2017 alumni are welcome to participate. Submit your pieces by 25 January 2018 to, specifying in the subject line whether you have chosen LIGHT or DARK. Shortlisted entries will be featured in the 2018 Publisher’s Prize Anthology, with further prizes to be revealed for the winner and runners up. #books #creativewriting #PublishersPrize #UCL #Light #Dark #FlashFiction #ShortStories

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