UCL Publishers' Prize Award Night

Next week marks the time in our calendars for UCL’s very own Festival of Culture, an annual highlight for the university. Running from the 4th to 8th June, this five-day festival comprises of talks, exhibitions and workshops which are purposefully organised to educate and challenge the ways in which we think. It is a time to discover and feel inspired by the wide range and variety of in-depth research that goes on at UCL, across the social sciences, arts and humanities departments. This year, the events and opportunities of interest range from indulging in the respective worlds of Shakespeare and Elizabeth I, to exploring children’s literature across Europe, to undercovering the lives of Ukr

Sneak Peeks: Light

Ahead of the Publishers' Prize Award Night (more details to come), we are releasing some sneak peeks into the anthology. First up are the light entries: Untitled - Emma Deshpande “The only light in the room is the thin line of sun glowing around the edges of the curtain. J walks across the room to draw it open, fill the room with natural light. She doesn’t like her patients to wake up to the sickly pink tint of their bedside table lampshades. But sunlight cannot brighten this picture.” Limelight - Julia Dezsö “Nighttime. Puddles that glimmered a few hours earlier morph into oily black holes. Previously opaque windows glow with newfound brightness, showcasing mute silhouettes. Homeless shadow

Sneak Peeks: Dark

Here are some sneak peeks from our Dark Shortlist - we can't wait to share these pieces with you! An Anthropological Study of Leaves - Tim Bolton “There are thundering herds and those who oat among them. Like reddened leaves they are burned by the sun and shudder at the stench of the stampeding masses that rumble through silent canyons, shaking the earth and weakening dying trees.” Valentine - Claudia Clarke “If the girl could have seen him, she would have seen that his hair was long, falling around his face like a lion’s mane, but streaked through with grey and daubed with blood too. She would have seen that his youth was a memory, but he was not as old as the grey in his hair suggested. Bu


LIGHT Breakfast - Emma Deshpande Limelight - Julia Dezsö Eyes Open - Whye Ye Leong Happy Birthday - Oliver Loi-Koe Crumble - Natalie Smith Vampire Squid from Hell - Phoenicia Rogerson DARK An Anthropological Study of Leaves - Tim Bolton Valentine - Claudia Clarke Hillside - Heshani Godakande Susan - Madelaine Lucy Hanson The Last Time - Lauren Hurrell Children Of God - Savannah Mandel #light #dark #shortlist #PublishersPrize


LIGHT Tea With Dodo - Paula Barburas Starlight - Ian Buchanan Breakfast - Emma Deshpande Limelight - Julia Dezsö Makoko - Abayomi Folaranmi Underexposed - Kate French-Morris Eyes Open - Whye Ye Leong The Price of Evolution - Mei Lian Hoe The Commuter - Minjoung Monica Koo Happy Birthday - Oliver Loi-Koe Dar A Luz - Mary Katherine Newman Vampire Squid from Hell - Phoenicia Rogerson Crumble - Natalie Smith Revival - Natalie Smith A Conversation at the End of the World - Huw Steer DARK An Anthropological Study of Leaves - Tim Bolton Flip Side - Tim Bolton Gunpowder Voices - Tim Bolton She, Stark - Alexandrina Brant Antigravity - Wendy Min Ji Choi Valentine - Claudia Clarke Nightmares - Adam Cog

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