The Publishers’ Prize Work From H‬ome

‪Relocated but working to publish the best book possible. Take a look at how we have been spending our lockdown whilst continuing towards publication of the anthology. #LibrariesRelocated began with a call to show us your shelves! First, Marketing Officer Anna gave us a chill, rambling shelf tour... Then we got twitter involved and this is what we found. That to ask publishers, students and librarians to share their shelves might get you more than you bargained for. There are books old and new, colour-coordination and thematic organisation, too many books and never enough books, tidy shelves and sprawling libraries, only books and shelves piled with trinkets. One thing however is universal,

One Book at a Time by Lucy Owen

This week, the UCL Publishers’ Prize team was delighted to host a Book Drive in collaboration with CILIP and Youth Libraries Group! This year coincides with the centenary for the Department of Information Studies, a very exciting event for UCL! UCL’s Department of Information Studies began the first school of Librarianship, so it is only fitting that the theme for this year’s Publishers’ Prize is libraries. (Instagram: @uclpublishersprize) In celebration of our theme, we decided to give back to libraries around the country by encouraging donations of children’s and young adult books from UCL students and staff, and they certainly delivered! (Instagram: @uclpublishersprize) We received books

2020 Shortlist

Introducing The Publishers' Prize 2020 Shortlist: Dora Dimitrova is in her third year of European Social and Political Studies at UCL. Born in Bulgaria, she has lived in different countries her whole life: Serbia, Italy, Sweden, the UK and France. Books have been her constant companion for as long as she can remember, and they have also been the means through which she has integrated into the cultures of the places she has called home. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, vintage shopping, and collecting stamps. A particular library in Alina’s hometown in Romania left a deep impact on her mind. It made her come to the realisation that libraries are one of the few spaces that truly belong t

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