2020 Prizes

The 2020 Pub Prize Team would like to thank all of our sponsors for their assistance, funding and prizes. Bloodaxe Books PN Review Magazine Faber Academy Literary Emporium Cornerstones Literary Consultancy The Printing Charity Inspired Selection Department of Information Studies - donating an £100 iTunes gift card to celebrate their centenary CILIP ✒︎ The Pub Prize Team

Cover Reveal with Designer Manon Wright

The time has come for us to reveal the cover of the UCL Publishers' Prize 2020: Libraries! We also wanted to give you a bit of insight into the covers' development and the process of designer Manon Wright, who when she wasn't typesetting and designing the interior of the book, created this masterpiece: Inspired by this year’s submissions & in collaboration with the Department of Information Studies' Centenary celebrations, Manon has created a dynamic book cover exploring the theme, Libraries. Incorporating the essence of knowledge, the written word and the digital future. Here she is at work in Lockdown: A lovely time-lapse of the cover: And a look at some development pictures: ✒︎The Pub Pr

2020 Launch Statement

In light of current events the Pub Prize team has made adjustments regarding the running, launch and sale of the anthology. As MA students our time at UCL is very limited. Like many of you, the Team has been working from home whilst campus access is restricted. As we do not foresee restrictions being lifted sufficiently in time for a physical launch, even in September, we made the decision to move forward with a virtual soft launch that celebrates our authors, sponsors, and judges, as well as the accomplishments of the Team. We are working on the assumption that large group gatherings will not be possible for some time, therefore, we ask that, should you wish to celebrate the 2020 UCL Publis

2020 Launch: Biblio-tequila

In order to get you all in the party mood for our launch we wanted to create a cocktail that could be a fun play on words. We thought there was no better name for a cocktail celebrating an anthology about libraries than Biblio-tequila and Editor Fabienne promptly set about mixing. Ingredients: Ice cubes 2 Strawberries A quarter of a lime A sprig of mint Ginger Ale Grapefruit Juice Tequila Instructions: Cut strawberries and lime into small chunks, separate mint leaves from stem Muddle fruit and mint in a glass Add 1 part tequila Add 2 parts each of grapefruit juice and ginger ale Stir Poor over ice For a non-alcoholic version, replace the tequila with a squirt of agave syrup, or if you don’t

A Day in the Life of a Sensitivity Reader with Guntaas K Chugh

Working as a sensitivity reader with CILIP and Inclusive Minds for the Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Children’s Book Awards 2020 has been an incredibly exciting and enriching experience. Being a published author, I have first-hand experience in and can empathise with the pressure with regards to inclusion, diversity and representation that writers and publishers face during the process of publishing a piece of work. Sensitivity readers are often hired by independent writers as well as publishing houses to offer their perspective on all of the above areas based on their lived experiences as a part of a minority, disabled, disadvantaged, underrepresented or wrongly represented section of society

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