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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the UCL Publisher’s Prize? 

The UCL Publishers’ Prize is an annual creative writing competition organized by the students of the MA Publishing program at UCL. The team publishes an anthology containing short stories, poems and flash fiction written by UCL students and alums. 


2. What is the theme for this year? 

The main theme for this year’s anthology is libraries but we will also accept submissions that revolve around book spaces. 


3. What are the submission guidelines? 

We accept short stories, poems and flash fiction. Short stories must not go beyond 3000 words and poems must be composed between three and forty lines. 


4. Who can submit prose or poems for the Publishers’ Prize? 

All students of UCL, across all departments, are welcome to send submissions! Including our recent alums from 2019! 

5. When is the deadline? 

The deadline for this year is 27th January 2020. 


6. When will the students who have been selected for the anthology be informed? 

Students who have been longlisted will be contacted around February or March. 


7. What is the next step for those students after being selected? 

Selected students will work with our great editorial team to work on their submissions and have the opportunity to have their pieces reviewed by an extraordinary panel of judges. 


8. Who will be the judges for this year? 

The panel of judges for the 2020 anthology includes John Baker, Jane Fallon, Janet Noble and Simran Sandhu. More information can be found here

9. When will the book be available? 

We do not have an exact date figured out yet but we will still be going ahead with publication. You can read our statement here. Please keep an eye out on social media for further updates. 

10. Will there be a launch party? 

Due to the uncertainty of  COVID-19, we may not be able to organize a physical book launch.  Nonetheless, our team is working on virtual launch ideas. Further details will be announced on social media and will be posted on the website. 

11. When will the winners be announced? 

The winners will be announced at the launch party. There will be exciting prizes as well! 

12. Will there be other events taking place apart from the launch party? 

Absolutely! We will be organizing some interesting events. Details will be up on our social media pages. 


13. Who do I contact if I still have queries? 

Please fill out a query form on the Contact Us page and a member of our team will get in touch with you.

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