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Revolution, 2019

An act of revolution in today’s world does not have to be an earth-shattering event. It can be a small but salient thing, a word, a nod, a vote. Not only political but personal, revolution does not merely mark the touchstones of history, but appears in the quietly radical moments of our everyday lives.

An eclectic selection of twenty-eight short stories and poetry from students and alumni of UCL, this anthology showcases the many faces of revolution; from giving birth to body hair, from rebel soldiers to the subtle art of questioning what you have always known. The judges described these works as dark, defiant, powerful and dystopian. Delve into the worlds that are simultaneously nothing, and exactly, like your own.

Light and Dark, 2018

The flames in one girl’s skin ignite the lives of those closest to her.

A woman struggles against the inescapable pull of a black hole.

The thin light from a mobile phone illuminates a new birth.

Thirty original works of fiction and poetry on Light and Dark from the next generation of UCL writers.

Metamorphosis, 2017

People moving. Toilets transforming. The world spins faster than ever before At  Elysium, change comes at a price, but do humans recognize the strain they put on the world? What sacrilegious and what is beautiful is determined by the eye of the beholder. Women breaking out of the shrinking boundaries of patriarchy. A boy doesn't recognise his best friend until he hears his voice. Mum says you're different now even though you sound the same. The lock turns; liberation from pain in the back of a taxi. We may choose to bind ourselves or wait for our own wings to form. It could take some time, but we all will learn how to heal.

Change is a constant component of human history. It is how we act on it that defines the world. Sixteen original works ranging from reflective fiction to feminist poetry, give voice to the ever-dominating theme of metamorphosis.

Phosphenes, 2016

Masked strangers attend an auction in the middle of the night.

Conversations by the sea process to mysterious disappearances.

Children with curious abilities gather at a school that is not what it seems.

Twenty bold and brilliant original works of fiction examine the physical and etherial in the first themed collection from the UCL Publishers' Prize.

UCL Short-story Collection, 2015 

In this dark Groundhog Day scenario, two scientists discover there is one element science can't control: their child's fate.

A vivid transnational setting. A mature, complex exploration of filial relationships through the snarky lenses of youth. Mayhem. 

Spurned by desire, a young girl departs to fight in Afghanistan and ultimately teaches us how to survive in our own skin. 

Dreams, heartache, erasure: this lifetime of summers reclaims form, and spits it back out.

Twenty-five bold and brilliant original stories from the next generation of UCL writers.

UCL Short-story Collection, 2014 

A dog-walker with an unusual phobia.

A news reporter caught up in a nightmare fairytale.

A sun-replacement salesman searching for authenticity at any cost.

Twenty bold and brilliant original stories from the next generation of UCL Writers.

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