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The UCL Publishers’ Prize: A Brief History

Every year, a team of Publishing MA students come together to create the UCL Publishers’ Prize anthology, and the ball is rolling for 2018.

The Prize was started in 2014 by a group of ten UCL Publishing MA students, who wanted to create a platform for showcasing the talents of writers who form the student body of UCL, regardless of experience. Originally, this took shape as a collection of short stories written by students. Since then, the Prize has evolved from its limitations, and now includes both flash fiction and poetry too.

The UCL Publishers’ Prize is now a collective of creative writing, consisting of a variety of writing forms submitted from all UCL students. To ensure a wide range of voices are heard and submissions are received, we invite everyone to enter submissions, from undergraduate, postgraduate, and recent alumni. What makes each anthology a unique creation is the theme that the publishing team decide on each year. All submissions are considered for publication by the team and those that are selected for the anthology are forwarded to an expert panel of judges, who decide amongst themselves the winners of first, second and third place, as well as commendations.

Since the initiation of the Publishers’ Prize we have seen an impressive selection of anthologies produced by MA Publishing students, some of which have been successfully launched at Waterstones and the UCL Festival of Culture, and remain available for purchase on Amazon.

In 2016, we even had two anthologies, one under the theme ‘Phosphenes’ and the other specifically devoted to YA Fiction. Last year the theme was ‘Metamorphosis’, which was chosen to tackle and promote key themes of diversity, within the publishing industry and the wider world, and an ever-present desire for progress and change. Last year’s Prize sought to represent the widest amount of voices possible, and this year is no different.

Naturally, however, without submissions, the project would have no grounding, and that’s where you come in.

This year the team is producing a double anthology - one anthology with a dual theme: Light and Dark. Like last year, we hope to encourage wide-ranging interpretations of both themes to celebrate the diversity of perspectives existing within the UCL community.

Whether you’re an avid writer or you’ve never even attempted to write creatively, now’s your chance to simply give it a crack – who knows what you might be capable of?

For more information, and the submission guidelines, please explore the Publishers’ Prize swanky new website here, where you can also check out the previous Publishers’ Prize anthologies since 2014, with each cover beautifully designed by Zoë Horn Haywood!

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