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The prizes, the prizes!

Hi everyone! We know that you are waiting to hear from us and the judges’ decision… This is not it yet. We wanted to take the opportunity to remind you about the wonderful prizes we have waiting for the first, second, and third places.

We wanted to tease you a bit more with the prizes you might win! As you know we requested writings that could fall in either the theme of “light” or “dark”, and the best pieces in these two categories will be rewarded greatly.

The second and third best pieces among the light submissions will be awarded a bundle of books from Harper Collins. What? Oh, you think they are only paperbacks? You are mistaken dear reader, there are some lovely hardbacks as well! You write something, and you get books to get even more inspired, isn’t life just great?

Some readers might be thinking right now. “Right…Right… So THEY get wonderful books and we are here not even being noticed.” In the dark beauty is concealed and the genius blends with the night, but we have not forgotten about the creative minds that devoted themselves to capture darkness if every way they saw fit! For the second and third places of our innermost darkest submissions we have a treat. The British Library got in touch with us and they left us a bundle of cases and crime books to be solved. Goosebumps!

NOW… The big leagues! *Drumroll*

The first prize of the light submissions will get a full manuscript assessment by The Literary Consultancy, and not only that, also a one-hour meeting with its director to discuss your style of writing. You read that right, guys it’s a full manuscript assessment so if you wanted some pointers on that jewel you might have sitting in your desk, this is your chance.

On the other hand, the author that delivers the best piece of dark literature according to our judges will win an incredible five month long online editing course from Cornerstones. We all know that struggle after you have given your all writing and you look at the screen and its… Well it’s a mess! With this incredible course provided by Cornerstones Literary Consultancy you will be able to go over your own writing and maybe self-publish!

We all wish you the best of luck!

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