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Tea With Dodo - Paula Barburas Starlight - Ian Buchanan Breakfast - Emma Deshpande Limelight - Julia Dezsö Makoko - Abayomi Folaranmi Underexposed - Kate French-Morris Eyes Open - Whye Ye Leong The Price of Evolution - Mei Lian Hoe The Commuter - Minjoung Monica Koo Happy Birthday - Oliver Loi-Koe Dar A Luz - Mary Katherine Newman Vampire Squid from Hell - Phoenicia Rogerson Crumble - Natalie Smith Revival - Natalie Smith A Conversation at the End of the World - Huw Steer


An Anthropological Study of Leaves - Tim Bolton Flip Side - Tim Bolton Gunpowder Voices - Tim Bolton She, Stark - Alexandrina Brant Antigravity - Wendy Min Ji Choi Valentine - Claudia Clarke Nightmares - Adam Cogan Hillside - Heshani Godakande Long Jump - Jeff Gu Susan - Madelaine Lucy Hanson The Starlet He Tired Of - Madelaine Lucy Hanson A Difference Of Opinion - Harry Hook The Last Time - Lauren Hurrell Children Of God - Savannah Mandel Drunk - Natalie Smith

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