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UCL Publishers' Prize Award Night

Next week marks the time in our calendars for UCL’s very own Festival of Culture, an annual highlight for the university.

Running from the 4th to 8th June, this five-day festival comprises of talks, exhibitions and workshops which are purposefully organised to educate and challenge the ways in which we think. It is a time to discover and feel inspired by the wide range and variety of in-depth research that goes on at UCL, across the social sciences, arts and humanities departments.

This year, the events and opportunities of interest range from indulging in the respective worlds of Shakespeare and Elizabeth I, to exploring children’s literature across Europe, to undercovering the lives of Ukrainian and Russian suffragettes, and a queer tour of Bloomsbury.

Among the enriching cultural events happening at the festival, the Publishers' Prize team brings to the table its very own event. This year, the team of MA Publishing students will be hosting the Publishers Prize 2018 Awards on Thursday 7th June, where we will be celebrating and showcasing some of the best writing at UCL. At this event we will be announcing this year’s winner and runner up among our talented writers at UCL, who have been shortlisted for the UCL Publishers Prize this year, under the writing themes of Light and Dark.

Want to know who it is? Then come on down! The event will be free, all you need to do is register your attendance on event found on the Festival of Culture page and bring yourself long to the Main Quad Pop Up Room G20 on Thursday evening. The event will run from 6.30-8pm, with several readings from our shortlisted authors before the winners of each theme are to be announced.

More on the event:

Light and Dark: UCL Publishers’ Prize Anthology Launch - 18:30-20:00 | Main Quad Pop Up Room G20

Each year, the students of UCL’s MA in Publishing produce an anthology of prose, poetry and flash fiction collated from submissions by UCL students and judged by renowned industry professionals. The 2018 edition has a dual theme, Light and Dark. This evening will mark the launch of the book and we will announce the winners, one for light and one for dark. The lucky light winner will receive a full manuscript assessment by the Literary Consultancy along with an hour long meeting with the company’s director to discuss their writing while the fortunate winner in the dark category will be awarded a five month long online editing course from Cornerstones. We cannot wait to congratulate our winners, as well as all the authors in the anthology, celebrate some bright futures in creative writing and see our hard work come to life.

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