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2020 Launch: Biblio-tequila

In order to get you all in the party mood for our launch we wanted to create a cocktail that could be a fun play on words. We thought there was no better name for a cocktail celebrating an anthology about libraries than Biblio-tequila and Editor Fabienne promptly set about mixing.


Ice cubes

2 Strawberries

A quarter of a lime

A sprig of mint

Ginger Ale

Grapefruit Juice



Cut strawberries and lime into small chunks, separate mint leaves from stem

Muddle fruit and mint in a glass

Add 1 part tequila

Add 2 parts each of grapefruit juice and ginger ale


Poor over ice

For a non-alcoholic version, replace the tequila with a squirt of agave syrup, or if you don’t have any, half a teaspoon of brown sugar or honey to be muddled with the fruit.

Whatever you're drinking, send us your pictures during the launch and get involved on social media!

✒︎The Pub Prize Team

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