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2020 Launch Statement

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

In light of current events the Pub Prize team has made adjustments regarding the running, launch and sale of the anthology. As MA students our time at UCL is very limited. Like many of you, the Team has been working from home whilst campus access is restricted. As we do not foresee restrictions being lifted sufficiently in time for a physical launch, even in September, we made the decision to move forward with a virtual soft launch that celebrates our authors, sponsors, and judges, as well as the accomplishments of the Team.

We are working on the assumption that large group gatherings will not be possible for some time, therefore, we ask that, should you wish to celebrate the 2020 UCL Publishers Prize, that you come along in whatever capacity to our virtual launch.  

With regard to purchasing the anthology, all individuals involved with the Prize will be receiving a copy from a limited initial run. As we are a student run publication, we are not able to sell through the traditional channels as easily, and usually handle the operation from campus. This will likely cause some delay in purchasing of additional copies and, whilst we are working on purchase and delivery solutions, we want to wait until those are ready before announcing them. This may mean that the launch occurs before copies are accessible, but we do not believe that this will diminish the celebrations. We love that you share our excitement, so please rest assured we are all as eager to have physical copies in our hands as you! 

It has truly been a pleasure to work on this year’s Prize! We look forward to seeing you on Friday 31st July and make sure to register!

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