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2020 Longlist

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Introducing The Publishers' Prize 2020 Longlist:

Isabella Boyne - An Asthmatic in the Library

Sara Bereta - Playback Begins

Jonathan Huish - Sleeper

Victoria Antoniou - The Danger of a Good Library

Anna Sogomonian - Etiquette

Stanislava Dimitrova - Marginal Confessions

Audrey Chan - A Word From Your Librarian

Emily Brancher - Library

Dora Dimitrova - Don Quixote

Ella Fidler - Scatter Me

Leonardo Corsaro - Library of the Gods

Caithlin Ng - The Menagerie

Hûw Steer - The Old Oak Door

Wilbur Bryant Dublin - Testimony of a Scholar

Jennie Balaganeshan - Over Before it Began

Uçansu Eren - Seven AM

Austėja Ema Bazaraitė - Untitled

Helen Fortescue-Poole - Marginalia

Alan Li - The Library on the Hill

Catherine Yuefang Tang - Library of Mums and

Libby Randall - A Peculiar Discovery

Mathilde Páldi - In the End Was the Story

Alina Martin - If Lost, Return to Us

Dawid Akala - Thread

Sofie Kitts - Authors of Deceit

Tom Jackson - Give it a Rest

Rob Wilding - I Want it to Be

Shona Henderson - The Great Library, Alexandria

Elizabeth Janeckova - Unconfiscateable

Yaning Wu - The Borrower

Astrid Floristeanu - Black Sheep

Marjaana Lahti - A Library at Night

Jasper Kaan Shaw - University College Library

Congratulations to all!

✒︎The Pub Prize Team

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