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The Publishers’ Prize Work From H‬ome

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

‪Relocated but working to publish the best book possible. Take a look at how we have been spending our lockdown whilst continuing towards publication of the anthology.


#LibrariesRelocated began with a call to show us your shelves!

First, Marketing Officer Anna gave us a chill, rambling shelf tour...

Then we got twitter involved and this is what we found. That to ask publishers, students and librarians to share their shelves might get you more than you bargained for. There are books old and new, colour-coordination and thematic organisation, too many books and never enough books, tidy shelves and sprawling libraries, only books and shelves piled with trinkets. One thing however is universal, the endless bibliolust that is experienced on seeing other people's shelves!

We even had Sales Officer Lucy showing us her newly built surprise bookcase and Editor Fabienne providing her Fantasy and Libraries themed book recommendations!

A little look at some of the shelves you sent in:


Next for #LibrariesRelocated we wanted to show you all the new places from which we were working to create this year's anthology. This began with Marketing Officer Karina and Project Manager Harshita showing us their work from home routines in Kauai and London.

And once again we headed over to Twitter to have a nosey at yours! We noticed a few similarities, lots of cookies, coffees and seemingly a lot of research going on...

We hope you have enjoyed this look into publishers' lockdown life and keep sharing your #LibrariesRelocated shelves and work spaces!

✒︎The Pub Prize Team

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